Monday, March 7, 2011

The next generation

I have begun raising my next generation of chickens. My two adults are fine, but I know they have a limited lifespan.

I got a Buff Orpington, a Black Sexlink, and a Gold Sexlink. I made a cat-proof cage for them to live in. It is the garage. It has a brooding lamp which keeps the area under it about 85 °. They have enough room to move out of the warm zone. The have water and food, and lots of paper shreddings to root around in.

I’m hoping to introduce them to the adults in late April. Fingers crossed the introduction goes well. I’ve read that it doesn’t always go smoothly.


  1. Welcome to the new little ones! Are you going train them to be held and snuggled? And let us know if the coop is open for visitors. : )

  2. Very cute! How old do they have to be to lay some eggs?