Saturday, July 2, 2011

ChChChChCh changes

A lot has happened since my last post. For starters, Dolly has died. I found her dead in the coop one day. She didn’t appear to have been attacked, I think she just expired.
About this time the young hens were being introduced to the backyard scene. The two older hens were bullying them around the yard. Now that Lily (or “Diamond Lil” as I like to call her) was the only grown hen I hoped that she would ease up on the youngsters. Thankfully that is just what has happened! The four of them now have formed a flock, and most of the time they are together. At night Lily sleeps in the hen house, and the youngsters sleep perched on a post outside the house, but in the coop where they are protected from nighttime marauders. I hope that by fall, they will all be inside the house at night.
The pullets are growing fast, and are nearing full size. No eggs from them yet. Buffy aka “dad” and Darla are inseparable, with Carmen being the odd-girl out. She is quite sweet and has become my favorite. Buffy still likes me a lot and comes over to say hello often.
For a while they wanted to sleep perched on the fence, but each night I carefully put them in the coop, now they go in the coop on their own.