Thursday, January 31, 2013

First egg of the new year!

On last Monday, January 28th, one of our hens laid the first egg of the new year.  You may know that here at Limping Chicken Farms, we don't force our hens to lay during the Winter, so it's always a nice surprise when they start up on their own.

Daisy, the new chicken is doing well, and is not picked on as much as she used to be.  We are anxious to see what color her eggs are.

The Winter has been mild and we only needed to worry about frozen drinking water for a week so far.

The hens are quite tolerant of rain, and unless it is really pouring, they just do their thing in the rain.

We have now had chickens for three years (hard to believe).  One of our original hens, Lily, is still going strong.  She is at least 4 years old.  The three middle hens, Darla, Buffy, and Carmen, will be 2 in March.

We're not sure how old Daisy is, but my guess is she is under one.

I know it's not Spring yet, but there is hope it will be here soon.