Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The chicks are growing fast. On those rare occasions when the sun shines, I roll their home out into the sun, and they go wild. I look forward to the day when they can wander the backyard like their older brethren do.

Lily and Dolly are doing fine and laying lots of eggs. They started not roosting at night, rather sleeping in the pine chips like I think they should always have done. I took the opportunity to remove their roosting pole out of the house. I’m going to install a new one which will have room for all 5 hens on it. I’m going to go natural and use a tree branch instead of a wooden dowel.

Lily has started a new behavior which I find interesting. She sleeps at night facing out the door and watches the nighttime activities.

Dolly was spotted on the deck for the first time! Lily has been climbing up there for a while, but Dolly is new to it.

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