Sunday, February 7, 2010

salt of the earth

Are you up for another Alber’s feed store story?

I was the youngest and hardest working feed man at Alber’s. I was pushing a large handcart full of feed out to a waiting customer. There was probably 600 Lbs of feed on the cart, and on top was a large salt lick. As I rounded a corner the salt lick fell and broke. My immediate boss was sitting around with all the other guys chewing the fat. He yelled out, “Now you have to eat it”. They laughed and laughed at the joke. Unbeknownst to them the top boss was watching. He said to my boss, “Maybe if you helped him, he wouldn’t have dropped it”. My boss said some words not fit to repeat here, gave him a gesture and quit. As I was picking up the salt, the big boss turned to me and said, “You’re the boss now”. I remember thinking, “That’s how promotions work”!

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