Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dick Albers

As a teen I worked in the animal feed industry. I worked at Alber’s, a feed plant and a retail store. I did many different jobs while there.

We sold many types of poultry feed, among them, chick scratch and hen scratch. They differed only in size. The owner of the facility, a diminutive man, loved to come out and catch us taking a break. I devised a plan. Whenever anyone saw him sneaking around, that person would call out “chick scratch!”, and if we were resting, we would spring into action. It worked like a charm.

The chicken guy said scratch feed is not great for chickens, as it does not contain enough protein. But the mere mention of it brought back great memories of my days at Alber’s.

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  1. They shouldn't get too much scratch, but a handful or so per day is good for them, especially in the winter. And they sure do love it! At my house we refer to scratch as "chicken crack."

    Enjoy your hens! They're so much fun and backyard eggs are among the healthiest stuff you can eat. So well worth it!