Thursday, December 6, 2012

Daisy (not duck) chicken

We were happy with our colony of four hens. One aged one and three youngsters. There was peace in the Gallus Domesticus land.

One day a strange SUV pulled up in the driveway. A mother and teenage daughter emerged. The young woman held a chicken. They had found it alone and using modern technology found our hen house. They asked if we would take her. I though “why not”, and placed her down among our regulars.

The top three hens ignored her, but the bottom (up till now) hen Carmen, attacked with extreme prejudice. Despite this, I assumed the new one would fare better in my backyard then in the outside world, so we kept her.

It took a while before she would sleep with the others in the comfort of their sleeping chamber, but peace has once again settled on the land. Daisy, as she is now called, is young (her comb and waddle are smallish). She is quite the flyer, and does not run for the hills when she sees me now. Looking forward to Daisy eggs in the Spring.

Merry Christmas to all, and may your molting wait till Summer

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